Women and Amateur Radio

Great points from Susan Campbell concerning women in Amateur Radio.

Just A Nomad At Heart


“Ham radio?!?  You mean that hobby for crotchety, old men who sit around in their basement talking to other crotchety, old men?  No, thanks!  I’m not interested.”

I’m sure a lot of women/young girls who are being encouraged to take up amateur radio think of it as an “old man’s” hobby.  And while it’s true that men are the majority of licensed ham, or amateur, radio operators, it isn’t a hobby for men only.

Women make up 15% of all licensed amateur operators in the United States.

With approximately 700,000 licensed ham radio operators in the United States, only 105,000 women are licensed to operate.  While it seems cool to be a part of a rare breed, it’s a shame that more women or young girls aren’t taking part in this fun hobby.  Besides, when men hear a woman’s voice over the radio, it tends to pique their interest. Women who take part in…

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Trying to work 8P9AE Barbados DXpedition

As I’m sitting here typing this, I have been working for awhile to contact 8P9AE in Barbados.  Working this DXpedition would have been a great way to kick things off.

Unfortunately, I’m not having any luck.  With the distance, my antenna situation, and band conditions on 40m tonight, it probably won’t happen.

At least I heard them, and I’ll be back to work more DX another day.  So, let me just say kudos to DL7DF and the crew for doing so much work to make 8P9AE happen for so many hams all over the world.  Check out the official website of the DXpedition here.




Looking to Homebrew Some QRP

I got lucky and found a gallon zip lock bag crammed full of electronic components at a flea market recently for $2.00.  I grabbed it instantly, but that might have been a mistake, because now I have a craving to build a simple 40m CW QRP transceiver, which doesn’t really play along very well with my core philosophy to keep things simple.

So, I’m looking for a good project.  I thought about a Rockmite, a Pixie, things like that.  I’m scouring the Web for schematics.  I can’t find my soldering iron and solder.  I don’t want to buy a ready-to-build kit because I’m confident I can put the parts together myself and do it much less expensively.

If anyone has a recommendation for a good project, feel free to offer it in the comments.  If I get into this, I’ll post updates as I go.



Welcome to AE5AN

Thank you for visiting my blog.

My name is John, and I am a licensed Amateur Radio operator.  My callsign is AE5AN.  I have been a licensed ham since 1992.

The creation of this new blog marks my reentry into the hobby of Amateur Radio after a 2 year hiatus.  My plan is to make regular posts about my experiences in operating and keeping ham radio simple and exciting.

I also have a YouTube channel where I will post videos.  You can visit the AE5AN Official Youtube Channel by clicking HERE.

More content is coming soon, so be sure to keep checking back.


John – AE5AN