Looking to Homebrew Some QRP

I got lucky and found a gallon zip lock bag crammed full of electronic components at a flea market recently for $2.00.  I grabbed it instantly, but that might have been a mistake, because now I have a craving to build a simple 40m CW QRP transceiver, which doesn’t really play along very well with my core philosophy to keep things simple.

So, I’m looking for a good project.  I thought about a Rockmite, a Pixie, things like that.  I’m scouring the Web for schematics.  I can’t find my soldering iron and solder.  I don’t want to buy a ready-to-build kit because I’m confident I can put the parts together myself and do it much less expensively.

If anyone has a recommendation for a good project, feel free to offer it in the comments.  If I get into this, I’ll post updates as I go.



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