Women and Amateur Radio

Great points from Susan Campbell concerning women in Amateur Radio.

Just A Nomad At Heart


“Ham radio?!?  You mean that hobby for crotchety, old men who sit around in their basement talking to other crotchety, old men?  No, thanks!  I’m not interested.”

I’m sure a lot of women/young girls who are being encouraged to take up amateur radio think of it as an “old man’s” hobby.  And while it’s true that men are the majority of licensed ham, or amateur, radio operators, it isn’t a hobby for men only.

Women make up 15% of all licensed amateur operators in the United States.

With approximately 700,000 licensed ham radio operators in the United States, only 105,000 women are licensed to operate.  While it seems cool to be a part of a rare breed, it’s a shame that more women or young girls aren’t taking part in this fun hobby.  Besides, when men hear a woman’s voice over the radio, it tends to pique their interest. Women who take part in…

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