Station Information

The Details

I’ll post photographs later on, but for now here are the details:

  • Radios
    • Yaesu FT-450D
    • Yaesu FT-2800M
    • Yaesu FT-60R
  • Antennas
    • MP1DX SuperAntenna, ground-mounted
  • CW Equipment
    • Whiterook MK-32 sideswiper
    • Vintage J-38 Straight Key
  • Computer
    • 2018 Macbook Pro
  • Logging
    • HamLog for Mac
    • Traditional logbook
  • Grid: EM46qj
  • ITU Region 2, Zone 7
  • CQ Zone 4
  • Latitude 36° 24′ 26″ N
  • Longitude 90° 35′ 3″ W


My Philosophy

You will notice that my station is pretty simple.  I have no fancy equipment, no high-tech computer/radio interface, and I don’t have an expensive or complex antenna system.  I believe I kept taking long breaks from ham radio over the years because I tried to make it much more complicated than it needed to be.  Years ago, I wanted to be able to operate on any band I had privileges on, use any mode I wanted, etc.  That desire lead me to frustration trying to build a station capable of such operation on a very limited budget, with limited time, space, and resources, etc.  Due to that frustration, I kept giving up.

Now, I have changed my approach to ham radio entirely.  I have one main radio, one antenna tuned to one band, and I focus on what has always been my favorite mode:  CW.  I stick to the CW portions of 40 meters because I do most of my operation at night.  I do use computer logging for purposes of uploading log files to LoTW and eQSL, but I do not maintain any interface between my computer and rig becuase I view it as an unneccessary complication.  In short, my philosophy is to enjoy ham radio by keeping ham radio as simple as possible.